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Addressed by President Jia Wenliang

Xibeihu is an amphibious vehicle which was researched and developed with the cooperation of the Armored Engineering Institute of PLA through several years of hard work. It is an amphibious and all-terrain vehicle in true sense. Its emergence injects new vitality to our domestic automobile industry and provides consumers more opportunities to choose from.

Xibeihu vehicle devotes itself to freedom, enjoyment and responsibility which can take you and your friends to those places where ordinary vehicles are incapable of stepping into. Whether driving through the woods to the desert, climbing the snow mountains or crossing the Yangtze River, Xieihu vehicle is able to bring your great pleasure to drive freely without any road restrictions. It can take you to explore, travel, go fishing, go hunting and etc. Moreover, Xibeihu has been working hard to minimize all kinds of natural disasters that may happen to human beings. Now we have involved in the forest-fire prevention, polar expedition, Wenchuan disaster relief, power repair and etc. We sincerely thank the customers of Xibeihu amphibious all-terrain vehicle for their support and trust; people from all walks of life for their concern and love; thank the Xibeihu staffs for their perseverance and persistence in making every procedure, technology and detail perfectly.

Xibeihu has shown its great vitality though it has only a short history. I firmly believe that our Xibeihu team will make more and more classical vehicles in the future. And we will try our best to convey the best service and the best vehicles to every corner of the world.