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XBH 8×8-2 Standard Equipment Vehicle Introduction:

Body Parameters:

Dimension: 3160×1720×1150mm 
Wheel Base: 670×670×670mm 
Track: 1420mm 

Minimum Ground Clearance:

Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass: 750kg 
Rated Load: On Land:500kg(6 People)
On Water:300kg(4 People)

Performance Parameters:

Start Mode: Key 
Ignition Mode: EFI 
Battery Specification: 12V/60Ah 
Drive Mode: On Land: All-wheel Drive
On Water: All-wheel Drive or Outboard Drive
Top Speed: On Land:45km/h
On Water: 5km/h(Tyre Stroke)or 12km/h(15HP Outboard)
Minimum Turning Radius:0.71m
Maximum Climbing Angle:32 º
Approach Angle: 54 º 
Departure Angle: 57 º 
Brake Mode: Caliper Hydraulic Brake 
Tyre Specification: 25×12(11.5)-9NHS 
Tyre Pressure: 5-7psi (34.5-48.3kPa) With Track: 3-5psi(20.7-34.5kPa)
Transmission Mode: Belt and Chain Transmission 

Dynamic Parameters:

Engine Model:SQR372 
Engine Type:Vertical 3-Cylinder, Water-cooling, 4-Stroke, Inline DOHC
Oil-supply Mode:MPI 
Cylinder Diameter ×Stroke:3-72×66.5mm
Compression Ratio:9.5:1 
Rated Power and Turning Speed:39kW(6000r/min) 
Max. Torque and Turning Speed:70N•m(3500~4000r/min)
Idle Speed:900±50r/min 
Lubricating Mode:Pressure and Splash Lubrication
Cooling Mode:Forced Circulation and Antifreeze Coolant
Clutch System:CVT 
Transmission Type:CVT+2 Forward Gears, Neutral, Reverse Gear
Fuel Type:Gasoline 93# 
Oil Tank Capacity:38L 


Optional Equipment:Bumper, Drain Equipment, Traction Ball Head, Safety Belt, Rear Foot Pedal, Winch, Outboard Motor, Track, Foldable Windshield, Windshield Wiper, Anti-roll Rack, Top, Convertible Top, Utility Storage Pouch, Vehicle Cover, Alert Lamp, Four-way Overheating Prevention System, Heating System, Snow Plough, Breakwater Board etc.
Performance Characteristics:8×8 All Wheel Drive, Braking Differential Steering, CVT, 32 Degree Climbing, 360 Degree Turning on the Ground, 1 Meter Wide Trenches Across, ±40 ℃ Temperature Work and Full-sealed High Strength Vehicle Body etc.
Certificate:CE certificate, CCS certificate and National Motor Vehicle Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center certificate.
Functionality:Rescue, Exploration, Hunting, Fishing, Tourism, Entertainment etc.
Application Scope:All Terrains such as Swamp, Beach, Non-paved Road; Rivers, Lakes and other Calm Waters ( 4 grade water); Hills, Snow Land, Forest, Desert etc.