In 2005, Yiwu Xibeihu Special Vehicle Co., Ltd was established by Jia's Industry & Investment Co.,Ltd with an investment nearly 200 million RMB. It is a high-tech enterprise and specializes in development, production and sale of Amphibious All-terrain Vehicles.

It owns a product R & D team consisting of over ten senior technical personnel and sophisticated production facilities. In addition, it cooperates with the Academy of Armored Force Engineering of PLA, thus assuring its R & D ability and technical level.

Through several years' efforts, the company has successfully developed a new generation all-terrain operation vehicle Xibeihu Amphibious All-terrain Vehicle with full intellectual property rights. The successful development of this vehicle has filled up the domestic vacancy of all-terrain vehicles and broken through the limitation of single use of the domestic automobile industry. Through various performance tests and practices, it shows that Xibeihu Amphibious All-terrain Vehicle is able to travel freely under different rough conditions such as in water, swamp, ice and snow land, over hill and in forest etc; and able to operate continuously and normally in the environment with temperature of ±40℃.

Xibeihu can surely meet the requirements of special operations including airdrop combat, patrol along frontier border, scientific survey and exploration, forest protection, security and anti-riot, emergency rescue and on-water rescue etc. Meanwhile, it can play an important role in industrial and agricultural activities and also bring many joys for those who like outdoor sports.